Bezna 5 (Darkness, Unknown, Fear)

Bezna makes an ouroboric move of plunging into itself ('Bezna' in Romanian means consistent darkness + diffuse fear). Bezna is darkly glowing dead thinking, cosmic pessimism, hairy autonomy, limbo sighs, horrendous pink volumes, underground nematodes, happy dismemberment, haunting prehumanism, glowing horror, sinister moods, eternal stillness, future plague, idiot nonknowing and news from Cioran.

The Book of Delusions (fragments)  Emil Cioran
Following the Sigh  Nicola Masciandaro
Dead Thinking  Alina Popa
Dead Thinking  Florin Flueras
The Stillness of Eternity  Deanna Khamis
The Horrendous Instantiation of a Homogeneous Pink Volume  Ben Woodard
Digital Dismemberment: Twitter, Death by A Thousand Cuts  Amy Ireland
Cosmic Pessimism  Eugene Thacker
A Short History of the Vague  Irina Gheorghe
Puff. A Rolled Protuberant Mass of Hair  Anastasia Jurescu
Left Handedness  Cosima Opartan
The Prehuman Earth  Dylan Trigg
Underground? In Praise of Gnathostomiasis  Francis Russell
Glow Baby Glow  Stefan Tiron
In Darkness  Sarah Jones
A-Ă-  Dorothee Neumann
From the Under-Chambers of the Mind  Aulos
Black Golden Skulls  Octavian-Liviu Diaconeasa
Plagued. The Fear of Theory  Mihai Lukacs
Praise of Nonknowing  Bogdan Drăgănescu

Edited by Alina Popa & Florin Flueras
Artworlds 2015