Bezna-Infested Holidays

19 December, 19h30, Platforma

Infesting the holiday lights with a bit of Bezna (consistent darkness + diffuse fear). Bezna #5 preview and presentations/performances of some of the contributors:

We bring you the plague - Mihai Lukacs
Platforma is infested by bezna. The contagion is so dangerous that the slightest contact with an infected house leads to the death of a whole family and the violence is so great that a plague hit person is a dead person.

Dead Thinking - Florin Flueras
There is an absolutely obvious, normal step, almost a command, an obligation to do what one should do in order to secure and improve one's life. A healthy, alive thinking was developed around the obsession with life. We are attached to the features of this world, but this world is doomed, we are doomed... obviously, death is much more powerful than life. A planetary decline affects our modes of perceiving, thinking and feeling.Somehow we register the changes and we are scared but like in a stampede, we choose to reinforce and accelerate what the others are doing and what we know, our petit alive, healthy thinking.

Dead Thinking - Alina Popa
In the age of Anthropocene and the coming catastrophe as a result of climate change and global pandemics a new mode of thought and action must emerge, another subjectivity haunted by the weird, the impersonal, the inhuman. The oscillation between unknown and the worst, between dead thinking and deadly thinking could be the starting point of discussing a new kind of politics and existence. Dead Thinking can only happen in the real black box, on the understage of worms and other minuscule animals, of extremophiles that will outlive the human species.

Mineral Uncertainty: A Short History of the Vague - Irina Gheorghe
We usually think of the vague as a veil of obscurity enveloping things and impeding us to see clearly, which can be detached upon request, a blur that the spectacles of reason will sharpen, crisp and clear. But what if the world refuses to benevolently cast off its skin and retains an ingrained unclarity, a contagious, indifferent imprecision? And what if humans themselves are contaminated and become indefinite? The story of the vague begins with Emil Cioran, ambiguous character of the local mineral history.

Killer: Darkness at Heart - Veda Popovici
6 players. 1 storyteller. 1 killer. This is a session of the game of killer in the dark, Bezna style. The seed of darkness lays in the hearts of all. It's up to each what she/he will grow out of it and to what ends. We will play a cathartic game of simultaneous affirmation and elimination of fear, lie, suspicion and betrayal among us. A game we play every day without knowing it.