Bezna #5 Launch

Bezna #5 will be launched in Stuttgart at the Congress of Vagabonds and is about the most difficult travel, a wandering in darkness and unknowing. Bezna brings an impossible advice to the vagabonds murmuring the word of our brothers and sisters Christina the Astonishing (how to leap and chant above your own tomb), Saint Haralambie (how to bring back the plague and how to fight it) and the Pillar Saint (how to achieve nothing by staying where you are). All three saints of darkness will be there in person, not just as relics, or we can say, as relics from the future. The launch of Bezna #5 will bring to eternal life many more saints and, if you dare to descent into its pages, more freshly dead knowledge.

Marienkirche Stuttgart, 22 June, 12h30
You can touch the relics of Alina Popa, Mihai Lucacs, Florin Flueras.

The relics buried in the Bezna #5 pages, are: Liviu Diaconeasa, Bogdan Draganescu, Florin Flueras, Irina Gheorghe, Amy Ireland, Sarah Jones, Anastasia Jurescu, Deanna Khamis, Mihai Lukacs, Nicola Masciandaro, Dorothee Neumann, Cosima Opartan, Alina Popa, Mihai Pecingine, Francis Russell, Arnold Schlachter, Eugene Thacker, Stefan Tiron, Dylan Trigg, Ben Woodard.
In synchronicity with Surorile Bezna in Bucharest.