Bezna 2 (Apocalypse and Protests)

Kafkamachine  Akseli Virtanen
The Carnival, the Spectacle and the Non-event  Veda Popovici
What can we do with an Apocalypse?  Florin Flueraş
The imaginary child and the queer vampire apocalypse  Mihai Lukacs
Survival architecture in the global slum  Cosima Opartan, Ion Dumitrescu
Ninja Bugeicho  Ştefan Tiron
You make friends in darkness and wake up with monsters next to you  Arnold Şlahter
About safety and heroism in activism  Ciumafaiu
The Hebrew Spring  Roi Alter
Jos Basescu drawing by  Brynjar Bandlien
Foto  Paradis Garaj
The Reproduction of Darkness/ The Darkness of Reproduction The Bureau of Melodramatic Research