End Pit


I don't approve of vertical structures; I rather favor horizontal ones. Four stories should be above the ground, while the other four should be built underground Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

If gold is the material associated with the sun, brightness, stability, enlightenment, highest value, peak of visibility and light of knowledge, what could be the anti-gold, the ungold of darkness, unknowing, holes, unvisual? What is the relation between abysmal pits and soaring pillars, between forms of life of the heights and forms of life of the depths? When you turn the ceiling into a pit and the pit into a ceiling verticality and horizontality lose their meaning, confusion occurs, you lose the ground of the known while the pits of unknowing are opening "under" you.

Contents // EN:

End Pit 5
The Bureau, the Gold and the Anatolians 6
Scanturk Trilogy 10
The Romanian-Turkish Dream 12
Romanian Historical Folk-Story for Children 13
Lithic Theurgy 22
Lovegold 26
Alien gold. Catastrophe and Future 32
Gold Therapy 34
The Outernational Condition (fragments) 37
Abstract Gold 41
Alchemy/Postalchemy 42
The Love of Gold and the Fear of Darkness 44
#occupygezi #occupytaksim 46

// TR:
Son Kuyu 51
Büro, Altın ve Anadolulular 52
Romanya Türkiye Rüyası 54
Romen Çocuk Hikayesi - bölüm 55
Aşkaltın. Çağdaş Simya 68

Publication part of End Pit project at Depo Istanbul, May-June 2013
With: Alina Popa, Irina Gheorghe, Florin Flueras, Stefan Tiron, Ion Dumitrescu, Claudiu Cobilanschi